The Deep Print Movement

Specialist Leather Printing and Product Development

Unit 37F, Platts Eyot,
Hampton, Middlesex,
Greater London,
TW12 2HF
+44 (0) 208 979 9393

The Deep Print Movement began 10 years ago. Its aim has always been to find the perfect relationship between the best quality artwork and the best quality leather. Our expertise is not only in understanding leather as a medium but in enabling designers, helping them with the realisation of a concept.

The Deep Print Movement frequently expresses its work as a balance in combination of the process of craft and technology. This relationship and the constant development of both our craft and our technology allows us to produce a printed leather that keeps its natural characteristics that we all relate to, both the surface feel and the natural weight and touch when held in the hand.

Our strength of experience is within small leather goods although our interest and exploration has taken us through the many other areas that leather occupies, from fashion to footwear to automotive to furniture. Alongside working for clients we are often drawn towards design ideas of our own and exploring interesting collaborations and special projects with other companies.

We pride ourselves on trying to best understand our clients’ objective to give them what they want. Our other growing area of expertise has been in the relationship between the leather once printed and the product it then becomes and more frequently we are asked to produce the finished product from start to finish, taking on the manufacturing process.








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