The Deep Print Movement

Specialist Leather Printing and Product Development

Unit 37F, Platts Eyot,
Hampton, Middlesex,
Greater London,
TW12 2HF
+44 (0) 208 979 9393

We work with tanneries to source the best quality leathers from all over the world and can print on most different qualities, including deer, lamb, goat, calf and cow hides as well as exotics.

We can supply the leather for printing or we can work with a client’s supplier to ensure their own leather can be used for printing.

The finish applied to the leathers once printed can vary in relation to the clients' requirement, whether it be a very natural feel or a very highly protected, durable and waterproof finish.

We have independently tested our key leathers and the durability of print. The inks we use are very stable; they have a natural pigment and will not fade overtime with UV light.

However, all leathers naturally have different characteristics and all tanneries tan to their own formula, so we recommend that clients undertake their own testing to ensure that the finish is to the standard required.








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